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501(c)3 non-profit corporation

Foster Homes always needed - If you have the time and the love to spare.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels...
- Hebrews 13:2

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 A Tribute to the German Shepherd

For those unsung heroes around the world who Rescue, Respond, Serve or Protect -- a tribute to First Responders, Military, SAR, Service/Therapy & Dog Rescue groups.


GSD Rescue of Central Colorado is an all volunteer organization whose members are passionate about German Shepherd Dogs.  Homeless, lost, unwanted, inconvenient....our efforts are focused on helping these GSDs who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in need and without families to love.

A private non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to:

  • GSDRC founder Connie Palmer Williams and her dog ChaddoThe establishment & coordination of a network of foster homes in Central Colorado to ensure comfort & assistance to all German Shepherd Dogs in need.
  • To adopt companion animals into loving forever homes.
  • Evaluation of temperament, beginning basic training, medical care, spay/neuter and all appropriate vaccinations are provided for all adoptable dogs.
  • To advance responsible programs to reunite lost pets with their owners, including discounted micro chipping.
  • To encourage and strengthen the human/animal bond with low cost or complimentary obedience training and behavioral advice that focus on the needs of both people and animals.
  • To create lasting and comprehensive change in human behavior toward animals through education about responsible pet ownership, including the spaying & neutering of pets, and about humane & respectful treatment of all animals.

To Adopt A Dog from our organization, the first step is completing an adoption application.  Everyone must do so before an appointment is made to meet the dogs.    If you can provide a temporary foster home for a dog waiting for their forever home, we need you!  Please fill out the foster home questionnaire.

When each dog leaves our care, it is our goal that they go to a home where they are loved as a member of the family, a home where they will be well cared for and where they will receive the proper mental and physical exercise  as well as the daily interaction and affection that they need. 

 Did you know? 

Basic obedience training is a large part of welcoming your new rescue dog into your family. Training of any sort strengthens and reinforces communication skills between you, forming a very special relationship that will last a lifetime.  Our adoptive families are strongly encouraged to pursue activities such as agility, competition obedience, rally, or flyball among other available dog sports.




German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado
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